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When you arrive in Canada, one of your biggest concerns will be ensuring that your family receives proper healthcare. Canada has a public healthcare system, meaning that many health services are funded by the government. You do not need to pay for these services when you receive them. Depending on your status in Canada, you may be eligible to receive public health care through OHIP or through another public health program. As well, you may choose to buy additional health insurance which will cover services that are not covered by public health services. Information on some of these services can be found below as well as on this website.



  • OHIP is the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, which provides public health care services to Ontario residents. These services are funded by the public (taxpayers) and therefore you do not have to pay for them upon use.

  • For more information about OHIP, including what services that are not covered click here.

  • You can apply for an OHIP card by using the application form found here. You must bring this form to your local Service Ontario office. Click here to find a Service Ontario location near you.

Generally, to be eligible for OHIP you must meet the following requirements:


  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or among one of the newcomer groups who are eligible for OHIP as set out in
    Ontario’s Health Insurance Act (see full list of newcomer groups here); and

  • be physically present in Ontario for 153 days in any 12-month period; and

  • be physically present in Ontario for at least 153 days of the first 183 days immediately after establishing residency in the province; and

  • make your primary place of residence in Ontario

  • OHIP coverage normally becomes effective 3 months after the date you establish residency in Ontario. The ministry encourages residents who are not yet covered, to purchase private health insurance in case you become ill during the OHIP waiting period.