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Dealing with landlord issues? Seeking custody of children? Suffered an injury at work? These are only a few examples we often have to face in life. Some people choose to hire lawyers to help with their case, which can be expensive. There are other options to obtaining affordable legal support and advice. There are help lines, government programs and legal clinics that offer legal help for free or at reduced rates. If you have a legal problem and/or need legal help or advice, the information in this section may be of assistance to you.

CUIAS provides Information Sessions’ on Legal Services in the Community. Please contact us to register for our next session. Also, if you need help navigating through the information and resources available, our settlement counsellors would be
happy to assist you.
  • Legal Line is developed by Legal Information Ontario. It provides FREE easy to understand general legal information to the public through its website. All 1,600 answers in their Legal Line book, are available here, on this website. Topics are organized within 44 major areas of law.
  • provides valuable legal information, as well as information about government and agency offices and related services. After obtaining legal information, individuals can access the professional assistance they require.
Lawyer Referral Service- Law Society of Upper Canada
  • If you need a lawyer but you are not sure how to find one, the Law Society’s Lawyer Referrals Service (LRS) will help. It provides a no-obligation lawyer referral service at no cost. Call 1-800-268-8326 or 416-947-3330 (within the GTA), 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. This is a phone-based service only.
  • When you call the LRS, you will be given a referral number, the name of one or more lawyers and their phone numbers in Ontario near where you live who practice in the area of law that meets your needs. The service can also help you to find a lawyer who speaks your language or accepts Legal Aid certificates. For more information, visit the LRS website..