Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are non-profit organizations that provide health care to individuals, families and communities. They consist of doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners on staff. CHCs also offer health and illness-prevention programs that focus on keeping people well, not just treating them when they’re sick. They also strive to improve the health and well being of people who cannot access health services.

    If you do not have OHIP, you might be able to get health care services at a CHC.
    In addition to providing clinical treatment, CHCs may have:


    • Culturally-sensitive care in different languages

    • Domestic violence prevention and treatment

    • Parenting education

    • Support for teenage mothers

    • Sexual health education

    • Drop-in programs for youth

    Some CHCs offer integrated health care, language and settlement programs specifically for immigrants and refugees.
    Services at CHCs are free or low-cost for eligible individuals. All services are confidential, and some, such as tests for pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, may be anonymous.
    A list of CHCs can be found here.
    More information on CHCs, including videos, can be found here.