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If you are unable to work or unable to find work, you may be eligible to receive financial support from the government. Each province has its own social or income assistance program. The purpose of these programs is to reduce poverty by providing a monthly payment to people with little or no income to meet their basic needs. Funding for social assistance is usually divided between the federal and provincial governments. Canadians pay taxes, which are then used to fund various social programs, including social assistance.
Below is some background information about the Ontario Works (OW), the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) as well as benefits for children and seniors.



Ontario Works
  • The Ontario Works program is for people who, for various reasons, are unable to work or cannot find work. It provides individuals with financial assistance to meet their basic needs, as well as employment assistance that is aimed at helping them find a job or upgrade your credentials.
    Am I eligible to receive Ontario Works?
    To be eligible for Ontario Works, you must:
    · live in Ontario
    · need money urgently to help pay for food and shelter
    · Be willing to take part in activities that will help you find a job


  • How do I apply for Ontario Works?
    You can apply online, in person or over the phone. The initial application will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete, and you should have the following documents ready: SIN number, health card, recent bank statement, among others. See a full list of documents here.


  • How much will I receive from Ontario Works?
    The amount of money you receive from Ontario Works depends on your specific circumstances (such as income and family size). You may also be eligible to receive benefits from Ontario Works such as drug benefits, transportation assistance etc. For a list of Ontario Works office locations, click here.