About Us

CUIAS is a non-profit community organization, providing settlement assistance to immigrants for over 30 years with the support of the federal government (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and provincial government (Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration). We were incorporated in the province of Ontario in 1977. CUIAS is a member organization of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress- National and of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).
CUIAS services include settlement assistance, English language training and immigration consulting. Our services are offered in English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Romanian languages.

After a worrisome threat of a Russian invasion on Ukraine, a sovereign independent country, the Ukrainian community in Toronto and elsewhere were horrified of the actual unprovoked military attack last week.  CUIAS has been responding to people who are deeply concerned for the safety of their families in Ukraine.

Civilians have been targeted with devastating results and Ukrainians are forced to flee or fight.  There is worldwide condemnation of Russia’s attack and enormous support for the people of Ukraine.  Here in Canada, voices of solidarity with Ukrainians have been heard, triggering the outpouring of many Canadians offering assistance.  All levels of government have expressed support and CUIAS is communicating with the proper channels to assure Canadians receive information as to how they can best help.

Countless initiatives across Canada have evolved to help displaced Ukrainians. Many people and organizations are mobilizing to collect supplies to help close to a million Ukrainians who have fled and offer support to those that will find themselves in Canada in the near future.  At this time there are many unknowns, as the situation continues to unfold. For current and trustworthy information please follow our CUIAS Immigrant Services Facebook page.

CUIAS is extremely grateful to Canadians reaching out to the Ukrainian diaspora with their offers of understanding, compassion and assistance to Ukrainians and pray that the tragic event will end soon.  We stand with Ukraine for their courageous battle to maintain their independence and freedom to endure.

If you have any questions in regards to helping Ukrainians, please call our Main office at 416-767-4595 or 416-225-0511 North York office (you can leave us a message and we will call you back).

All newcomers to Canada can continue to contact our office for any inquires.

Our offices are open

March, 2022

Our offices are open to serve you in-person, virtually by phone, email, or through scheduled Zoom meetings.   

In compliance with the recent regulations of the government of Ontario, we are open for in-person visits at the office by previous appoitment only.

Do your part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Stay and home and follow Public Health guidelines! More information is available here.

Stay healthy and positive!

Наші офіси працюють

Березень 2022 року

Просимо звернути увагу на те, шо наші офіси проводять особистий прийом клієнтів та попередньо просимо
зробити запис на прийом з нашими консультантами
згідно розпоряджень уряду Онтаріо для стримання поширення вірусу COVID-19.

Ми вас просимо залишатися вдома якщо ви почуваєтеся зле та коли виходите з дому дотримуватися правил карантину.

Якщо потребуєте консультації щодо адаптації чи якщо маєте інші питання, просимо
 телефонувати за номером (416)767-4595 основний офіс на Блур чи (416)225-0511 офіс у North York (ви можете залишити повідомлення на автовідповідач і ми передзвонимо) для того, щоб зробити запис на прийом з нашими консультантами у той спосіб. який для вас буде найзручніший.

Будьте здорові та мисліть позитивно!