• Emergency housing is short-term housing for those who may be homeless or in crisis (ex. living on the street, experiencing abuse, recently evicted from their home etc.) Here you can get the basic necessities such as a place to sleep, eat, have access to a shower and do your laundry.

  • You may need to live in short-term housing when you first arrive in Canada if you have not yet found a permanent place to live. There are different options for short term housing:

    • Hostels have small rooms to stay in, and you share a bathroom and kitchen with other resident.
    • Bed-and-breakfasts are usually in a person’s home, while you may also be able to stay in university or college housing temporarily.
    • Hotels and motels are available as short-term accommodation. Motels tend to offer cheaper rates than hotels.
    • Apartment hotels – fully furnished apartments that provide hotel-like services and are available for short term or long term stay.


  • Some emergency housing facilities are open to all people and others are restricted to men, women, youth or other groups such as victims of abuse, newcomers, or refugee claimants who are awaiting hearings or status.

  • List of Homeless Shelters in Toronto can be found on the 211 website or theToronto website.
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