About Us

CUIAS is a non-profit community organization, providing settlement assistance to immigrants for over 30 years with the support of the federal government (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and provincial government (Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration). We were incorporated in the province of Ontario in 1977. CUIAS is a member organization of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress- National and of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).
CUIAS services include settlement assistance, English language training and immigration consulting. Our services are offered in English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and Romanian languages.

CUIAS Milestones

➤ 1973 – Bohdan Mykytiuk begins lobbying efforts to assist ethnic Ukrainians still living in the Peoples Republic of China.
➤ 1974 – CUIAS is formed as an ad hoc group with ten founding members.
➤ 1975 – Bohdan Mykytiuk and Walter Petryshyn initiate project to help poor Ukrainian families from Brazil to immigrate to Canada.
➤ 1976 – CUIAS welcomes its first Ukrainian refugees- a mother and son originally from Lviv who had fled to Austria.
➤ 1977 – CUIAS initiates the Family Reunification project to help people sponsor long lost relatives from the Soviet Union and lobbies Canadian government for official intervention.
➤ 1982 – First large group of Ukrainian refugees from Poland sponsored by CUIAS arrives in Toronto via Austria.
➤ 1986 – After two years of intense lobbying CUIAS gets permission from the Canadian government to bring to Canada five Red Army soldiers captured in Afghanistan.
➤ 1987 – CUIAS assists in organizing medical treatment in Canada for Afghan children injured by the Soviet military.
➤ 1990 – Canada closes the East European Self Exile program. CUIAS continues to assist Ukrainian immigration using the Skilled Worker program, Family Class sponsorships and refugee claims.
➤ 1992 – Canadian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine begins full immigration processing.
➤ 1992 – CUIAS begins offering English language training under the government funded LINC program.
➤ 1993 – CUIAS welcomes the first of several hundred Ukrainian refugees fleeing civil war and ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia.
➤ 1994 – CUIAS opens second site of English language classes in South Etobicoke.
➤ 1998 – CUIAS commences its ‘CUIAS- Kyiv’ project to disseminate accurate and practical immigration advice directly in Ukraine.
➤ 2000 – Representative office of CUIAS registered in Ukraine to carry out the ‘CUIAS- Kyiv’ project.
➤ 2001 – Record year for immigration from Ukraine with 3,500 arriving to Canada. CUIAS assisted many of these with immigration and settlement.
➤ 2002 – Twenty-fifth anniversary of CUIAS incorporation.
➤ 2002 – Twentieth anniversary of first Ukrainian arrivals from Poland. CUIAS also acknowledged for its lead role by the ‘Zakerzonnia’ Ukrainian Union at Malanka 2002.
➤ 2002 – CUIAS partners with the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services to undertake a joint project for new immigrants called ‘Club Zustrich’- providing an opportunity for the newest members of our society to be welcomed and embraced by the more settled immigrant community and establish support networks, which play a very important role in successful integration.
➤ 2003 – CUIAS acknowledged by the Canadian Association of Ukrainians from former Yugoslavia for its assistance to the 2nd wave of immigration from the former Yugoslavia.
➤ 2003 – Ukrainian Credit Union Limited partners with CUIAS to provide assistance to newly arrived immigrants. The Credit Union donates office space to CUIAS in their newly opened branch in the north end of Toronto.
➤ 2004 – CUIAS and the Ukrainian Credit Union Limited celebrate the official opening of their new co-located offices. The guest of honour, the Honourable Judy Sgro, then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, acknowledges CUIAS’ 30 years of service and its continued efforts in assisting immigrants as well as the Credit Union’s contribution to immigrants and the community.
➤ 2004 – CUIAS recognized by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada- Canada Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program for its role in private refugee sponsorship and its contribution to making Canada a world leader in refugee protection.
➤ 2006 – CUIAS officially records the 16,000th immigrant assisted by our settlement counsellors.
➤ 2006 – CUIAS relocates to a larger space.
➤ 2008 – CUIAS begins offering a newcomer youth program.