Exterior Structural Fabricator

The Deck Store Inc is Canada’s largest decking design, build and supply company with 30 years of experience in
building custom one-of- a-kind decks. We have 8 locations in Ontario, Canada and offer employees fast-growing,
friendly and safe working environment with competitive packages and opportunities for personal and professional

We are looking for a candidate to join our team of professionals in the role of Exterior Structural Fabricator. The
work is on- and off-company’s sites. You will be reporting directly to the Project Manager and responsible for deck
construction planning, drafting and visualization processes, developing of the bill of materials, execution of work
with lumber and other specialty materials (measuring, cutting, shaping, etc.), installation of fittings and fasteners and
other duties.

Youth and newcomers are encouraged to apply.

As Exterior Structural Fabricator, you will be working full-time (40 hours/week) at our office in Ottawa, ON
and on clients’ sites. Possible travels to other locations of the company. Your key responsibilities will include, but
not limited to:

  • Reading blueprints, sketches and assembling plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and
    materials required as related to a given application

  • Measuring, shaping and cutting materials to specified measurements using different tools, machines and

  • Positioning and securing posts, beams, joints, ledgers, plywood, balusters, rails and other deck elements
  • Assembling and joining materials to build deck frame and structures as designed and outlined in blueprints
  • Following established safety rules and regulations and maintaining a safe and clean environment
  • Other duties as required


  • Education: post-secondary diploma/degree or equivalent
  • Work experience: 2-4 years of work experience with wood, different types of tools and machines

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Ability to communicate in English: working proficiency
  • Skills to comprehend diagrams, blueprints, sketches, plans and specifications before assembling wood
    elements to determine the scope of work, locations, quantities, sizes of materials and tools required

  • Understanding of different types of wood properties (strengths, durability, flexibility, etc.)
  • Experience with mechanical and electric wood processing tools and equipment, skills to identify tools
    required for the tasks

  • Work experience in companies engaged in design, processing and construction of wood structures
  • Proficiency in Microsoft applications
  • Possession of strong organizational, time management and project management skills with a demonstrated
    ability to work both independently and within a fast-paced team environment

  • Ability to meet deadlines without compromising accuracy, excellent product quality and attention to details
  • Strong relationship-building abilities, proactive, results-oriented nature
  • Ability to work after hours and/or on weekends when required by the needs of the business
    Job Assets

  • Ability to draft schemes, prints and diagrams, building multidimensional models of deck structures and
    elements in line with project requirements and customer requests

  • Skills in technical design and experience in computer-aided design software: AutoCAD, 3D Max, V-Ray,
    CNC-programming or other

  • Ability to program computer numerically controlled machine tools using basic programming codes and
    computer aided manufacturing software

  • Good vision of what a product will look like by interpreting concept designs
  • Mechanical background in general, understanding of basic mechanisms and principals
  • Architectural or construction experience

Salary: 20 $/hour
Job type: Full-time
Job location: Ottawa, ON

Contact information:

    Email: info@deckstore.ca
    Company’s business address: 454 South Service Road West, Oakville, ON, L6K 2H4.